You Have Options When It Comes to Workers Compensation Payments

State-mandated workers compensation insurance is an expected expense, but that doesn’t make it a convenient one. It’s quite common to find insurers offering these policy setting policies that require upfront lump-sum payments for coverage. This can severely impact cash flow for any business, large or small. That’s why it’s so common to find businesses using short-term financing to manage the expense. There is another option, though.

Can I Pay as I Go Workers Compensation?

Yes, you can. If you find the right insurer. This model breaks up the expense, so you pay for the coverage you need on a shorter billing cycle, breaking up the cost without the extra need for a financing package. Finding an insurer with this kind of payment option is getting easier too. is just one of the examples. When you use a convenient pay as you go policy, the benefits are easy to pick out.
Connect your payroll and policy to automate billing
Eliminate lump sum payments every year
Pay accurate premiums with coverage that updates to suit your workforce as it changes
Your worker’s compensation policy should be easy to manage, so you can focus on your core business. If you’re looking to smooth over your cash flow with fewer large outgoing payments, this option is easy to run and simple to reconcile with your other financial record-keeping. Learn more today.