What to Do If Someone Is Injured on Your Property


Whether you own a private home that you invite friends over to or a business that welcomes customers, you can be held responsible for injuries that befall them while they are on your property. As a property owner, you must be aware of any potential dangers or pitfalls on your property that could cause an injury. Knowing about these and failing to fix them could lead to serious legal trouble. Here are the basics of property liability.

Common Accidents

The most common accidents that lead to liability cases include dog bites, poor lighting, poor security, slips or falls, asbestos and icy pathways or driveways. Since these accidents can be avoided with a little upkeep or control, a person injured on your property has the right to file a claim against you. Taking action to prevent hazardous scenarios can save you from this trouble.

After an Accident

Immediately following an accident, you should seek medical attention for anyone who is hurt. To cover all bases, take pictures of the accident scene, as you may need it for evidence in a case later. Get witness statements from anyone else who saw the accident happen. Call your insurance to inform them about the accident and details. Don’t admit guilt to anyone until you’ve discussed your case with an attorney.