What Happens During a Freight Claim?

freight insurance

As a trucker, you are responsible for hauling freight from one location to another. During transport that freight can be lost or damaged. The recipient may then file a claim over the lost or damaged items. Freight insurance can help you manage those claims without a financial loss to yourself.

Freight Claims

The two most common reasons for a freight claim to be filed are because the cargo is damaged or lost. Customers want their items arriving intact with the full quantity. When they don’t, they may file a claim against your insurance.

Damaged Cargo

When cargo arrives damaged, the recipient may take pictures and ask you questions about what happened in route to their location. They may ask you to stay while they thoroughly inspect the package. When you hand them the bill of lading, they may notate the damages of the package right on the BOL and then give you a copy.

Lost Cargo

Perhaps you picked up an order from the warehouse and arrive at the customer only to realize that you have the wrong cargo. To the client, their cargo is lost. The customer may ask similar questions as if the cargo was damaged. They then may call the warehouse to determine what happened to their freight.

Protect your business with freight insurance whether you have a large fleet of trucks or an owner-operator rig. Something can happen during delivery and you don’t want to personally be responsible.