Understanding Insurance for Staffing Programs

staffing insurance programs

At the time of this writing, the economy is performing excellently in terms of the low unemployment rate. There are more positions available than people looking for work, and this puts staffing programs and recruitment agencies in peculiar situations. While it is interesting to say, these businesses perform better when the unemployment rate is higher as opposed to where it is right now. Staffing agencies, in particular, are responsible for providing employers with temporary hires, and these candidates need to fit well with the employer’s work culture. Regardless of the unemployment situation, there are risks that staffing agencies face. Staffing insurance programs provide staffing agencies with quite a few protections for any potential mishaps.

Acquiring Workers’ Compensation Packages

While staffing agencies help other people find work, they too have employers that need to be accommodated. With this said, staffing insurance programs often include workers compensation packages that cover these individuals. These policies are generally available nationwide, so your agency would have access to the same provider if you have multiple locations open across the country. Depending on the provider, they will offer a payment structure that works well for the agency. Some providers offer monthly packages, and others have pay-as-you-go billing options available as well. With this type of coverage, staffing agencies can focus on the work that matters.