Types of Marine Risk Coverage

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In the international trade industry, the sea is one of the keys to success. While technology makes trade and travel easier, it also brings new risks to the cargo industry. When it comes to the marine industry, the right products are crucial to a successful business that won’t sink when something happens. Companies like Starr Indemnity & Liability Company are responsible for protecting the marine industry.

Risks Covered

When it comes to risks, you have to have the proper amount of coverage. There are enough risks when out to sea that you may feel overwhelmed if you don’t have an adequate policy. Here are some of the coverages available for ocean cargo and marine liability:

Tax liability
Physical loss or damage
Warehousing coverage
Errors & Omissions coverage
Foreign Domestic Inland Transit coverage
Consequential loss
Ship repairer’s liability coverage
Charterer’s liability coverage
Commercial marine liability coverage

Insurance solutions cover much more and can be customized to a business’s needs.
When it comes to any trade or shipments carried oversea, you have to be careful of all the different risks. When it comes to carrying expensive cargo or driving ships that can be potential pollutants, it’s important that you have coverage in place. Companies like Starr Indemnity & Liability Company are responsible for their insured’s protection.