The Liability Risks for Dry Cleaners

fabricare dry cleaners

Some clothing requires special services for cleaning, making very specific techniques an important necessity that can’t be done by just anyone due to the precision needed. While this makes fabricare dry cleaners a successful business, the liabilities involved can cause some financial loss if an accident happens. While training and caution are vital and can avoid many mishaps, there are some things that cannot be avoided. Acquiring liability insurance that is specially designed for fabricare dry cleaners, however, can protect your business from the unique risks you may face, including the following common ones listed here.

Chemical Damage

Dry cleaning uses specific and strong chemicals in order to properly clean. Of course, these are carefully managed and used in small amounts, but accidents happen. Spills can cause damage to clothing and other third-party property, as well as your company’s belongings. Furthermore, some risks may even lead to contamination, requiring specific pollution insurance.

Loss and Theft

Handling customer property makes you responsible for those items, meaning that any damage or loss must be covered financially by your business. Even in cases where items are honestly misplaced or were stolen by a dishonest employee or customer, you financially must cover third-party belongings in your care.

Bodily Injury

With the chemicals and equipment used in fabricare dry cleaners, it is not uncommon for even a well-trained and experienced employee to get hurt. Medical bills and payment for any lost time can then be required for your business to pay, which insurance may be able to cover.