The Effects of Shadow IT on Your Business

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Shadow IT has been a problem for small to large businesses’ IT departments. The corporate IT department uses a variety of software and hardware to protect the business’ network infrastructure. Shadow IT go around those carefully erected network walls putting the entire business at risk. Protect those risks with Orlando cyber liability coverage.


People generally like to use things that they are comfortable with including software and devices. USB devices, mobile phones and messenger apps may be part of shadow IT in your company and negatively impact the corporate network. Because these devices, apps and software programs go around the IT infrastructure, they may lack security, be incompliant, result in data loss and cause performance issues.


Many businesses employ the use of an IT asset management system to find places where shadow IT lurks. These systems are available on the cloud, software and hardware systems that run through the network. The ITAM solutions discover where bandwidth is used and on what devices. Ferreting out the uses of shadow IT can help your business better control their risks.

Your business likely won’t rid your company completely of shadow IT, but Orlando cyber liability coverage covers your risks. In the event shadow IT results in a lawsuit, your business has the help it needs to get back on track.