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Self-Insured Retention, or SIR

How Self-Insuring Your Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Business

In the modern business world, benefits are everything. Since health insurance is predominantly offered through jobs in nations like America, it falls on the employer to provide the best possible options to employees. Of course, it can also be financially taxing. To see success, you need to consider your options and determine how to provide ….  Read More

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You Have Options When It Comes to Workers Compensation Payments

State-mandated workers compensation insurance is an expected expense, but that doesn’t make it a convenient one. It’s quite common to find insurers offering these policy setting policies that require upfront lump-sum payments for coverage. This can severely impact cash flow for any business, large or small. That’s why it’s so common to find businesses using ….  Read More

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ascendant insurance

Working To Unravel Workers’ Compensation Woes

If you are a small business owner, you probably know the woes of workers’ compensation. For the underwriters like Ascendant Insurance, the NCCI codes, modifiers, and premium set audits are part of the work-week lexicon. Amid all the confusion, some business owners feel helpless, others grateful, and still other businessmen worry about what coverage they ….  Read More

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