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Ex Mod Insurance

What Is Ex Mod Insurance?

Insurance agencies use many methods to assess the risks associated with your business. An experience modification calculation compares your workers’ compensation claims or losses with other companies in your industry. Agents then apply the resulting percentage to determine the monthly premium for your ex mod insurance. How Does an Ex Mod Work? This way of determining ….  Read More

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Builders Risk Insurance

How Builders Risk Insurance Protects Your Business

While there’s an inherent risk in the operations of every business, the construction business is one that is full of risks that must be adequately addressed in your insurance plan. Work zones are often full of hazards that pose risks to workers and site visitors. Workers’ compensation and general liability coverages address injuries and damages ….  Read More

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Captive Insurance Program

The Advantages of an Agency Captive Insurance Program

The standard approach to insurance is not right for all businesses. Every organization faces unique risks that must be addressed through your plan. What’s more, your financial situation is going to be unique to the ebb and flow of your industry. This means you need to look at alternatives that can offer you the chance ….  Read More

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Commercial Crime Insurance

Why Commercial Crime Insurance Matters

Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to protect their assets. While a good portion of planning revolves around external theft, there are countless scenarios where the culprits are people closely associated with the company. When members of your team are stealing from you, for example, it can lead to a disastrous ….  Read More

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DO and Professional Liability Coverage

The Differences Between DO and Professional Liability Coverage

Taking out the most appropriate insurance plan for your business is key to your long-term success. Of course, most of the decisions you will be faced with when selecting coverage will not be so easy to handle. There are countless risks facing your business and plenty of circumstances where legal matters can get out of ….  Read More

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Builders Risk Insurance

Why Florida Contractors Need Builders Risk Insurance

An average of 1,000 people moved to Florida each day in 2020, causing home sales to increase dramatically in many areas of the state. With this boom in construction, contractors are enjoying an increase in jobs. However, with additional business comes more risk. Here are some reasons that it is more important now than ever ….  Read More

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Marketing Considerations

Key Marketing Considerations for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need to have impressive marketing campaigns to stand out from their competitors. Major carriers spend billions to inundate television and online advertising to build their brand presence. Independent agencies can’t copy these types of campaigns to win over new business. Instead, they have to generate interest with targeted and thoughtful marketing strategies that ….  Read More

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Marijuana Dispensary Insurance

Things to Know About Marijuana Dispensary Insurance Coverage

The legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the US.  However, running this type of business is not without risk.  Unexpected losses can occur and it is important that you have the necessary protection for your business.  This is where marijuana dispensary insurance coverage comes in. General Liability Assuming you are ….  Read More

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Biotech Industry

Managing Risks in the Biotech Industry

No matter what industry your business operates within, you absolutely need to focus on the specific risks of your field when selecting insurance. Some industries prove more high-risk than others, especially when volatile chemicals and complex equipment are involved. If your company exists within the field of biotech, then there are several key points to ….  Read More

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