Protecting Contract Employees With Occupational Accident Coverage

occupational accident coverage

Every industry comes with specific risks for workers and employers alike. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to eliminate some of these threats. No matter how much work you put into safety protocols and insurance coverage, accidents can and will happen. What matters is how you respond to the situation. Having appropriate insurance coverage for employees who are injured is a surefire way to keep your workers safe and provided for after an accident.

Select an Appropriate Plan

Selecting a plan that includes occupational accident coverage is the best way to use insurance to your advantage. Meant to cover independent contractors and other individuals who do not fall under the coverage offered by standard Workers’ Comp policies, this option can be incredibly useful. Typically, this plan will include options relating to the limit of liability, level of disability, and assumed deductible. This type of policy typically includes:

  • Accidental death and survivors benefits
  • Temporary and permanent total disability
  • Passenger accident benefits

Keep Your Contractors Safe

When you work closely with contractors on a regular basis, you want to make sure you are doing your part to keep these individuals safe while on the job. By taking out a policy that includes accident coverage for occupational situations, you can cover all of your bases and ensure that actions are in place for worst-case scenarios.