Protecting Boat Builders

boat builders insurance

Protecting Boat Builders

Business owners can attest to the fact that insurance is a vital part of the company, and the same is true for those in the maritime industry. Boat builders insurance provides the disaster, accident and legal protection you need to run your business and operate safely.

Areas of Coverage

Owning a business means you understand the risks involved, even if you don’t expect the worst to happen. Insurance offers the sense of security you need to do your work without worry, especially in the boat building business. Whether you work on fish trawlers or luxury vessels, your business can be covered in the following areas:

General liability

Pollution liability

Property coverage

Builder’s risk

Flood, hail and wind

Machines and tools

Business interruption

Your policy, of course, is built around your business and your needs, as well as the type of work you do. No matter if you work for commercial or private clients on large or small projects, you can be protected with adequate insurance coverage.

Coverage When You Need It

The maritime business faces unique risks and challenges, which is why there are insurance policies that reflect that. Boat builders insurance lets you do your job with peace of mind so you can be protected while working on a boat and after you have completed the project.