Preventing Construction Hazards on Jobsites

Construction Hazards

Even when construction Jobsites have very well-trained and highly experienced crew members working, they will always contend with some risk of an accident. Project managers, foreman, and individual workers need to take active members to prevent accidents.

Compliance With Regulations

Every facet of how a project is carried out must comply with all applicable local and federal regulations. OSHA guidelines as well as municipal building codes pertaining to safety must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Proper Storage of Materials

Some construction hazards arise from the improper storage of materials. Heavy materials that aren’t placed or stored safely can move suddenly, potentially causing a serious accident.

Safety Supervisors

Individual team members can be appointed to monitor the safety of working conditions. If a crew member responsible for safety sees that someone is performing a task unsafely or equipment isn’t being used or stored correctly, he or she can intervene.

Situational Awareness

Construction workers need to be vigilant about what’s happening around them on a busy Jobsite. Likewise, they need to be hyper-aware of how their actions could create a dangerous condition. For example, if workers are moving or cutting material, they must consider the immediate effect of what they’re doing and where items will fall.

Avoiding construction hazards can be achieved by delegating responsibility for safety, closely following all safety guidelines, and training workers to be conscientious about preventing accidents.