Liability Coverage for Local and State Officials

Liability Coverage

It’s not often talked about in everyday political discussions, but public officials carry a lot of liability for the decisions they make, and that liability is shared by the government bodies that appoint or elect them. Unlike government employees, officials are not only working, they’re also filling a political role, and that changes the kinds of liability they incur. It also matters whether they’re elected to government bodies themselves or appointed to various roles within the agencies that make up its three branches. Public official’s liability insurance exists to help governments manage the risks those officials bring.

Unique Risks in Government

Unlike directors and officers within a company, government officials are by definition charged with making decisions that impact everyone. That means the possible damages caused by bad faith actions have broader implications than they would for corporate actors. If you want professional liability coverage that suits those unique risks, you need to work with the people who make insuring governments their business. They’ve got the perspective to understand those risks, as well as the experience that comes from working with local and state governments all across the country. Some even work on the international scene, so experience with agencies and officials like the ones you need to cover is a must. Luckily, those insurers are out there, and they’re eager to help you find the right policy.