Key Marketing Considerations for Insurance Companies

Marketing Considerations

Insurance companies need to have impressive marketing campaigns to stand out from their competitors. Major carriers spend billions to inundate television and online advertising to build their brand presence. Independent agencies can’t copy these types of campaigns to win over new business. Instead, they have to generate interest with targeted and thoughtful marketing strategies that have personal appeal and inspire consumer confidence.

Outstanding Website Design

In general, a growing number of people who need to buy insurance are looking online to find companies that serve their needs. Companies will be judged heavily by the quality and content of their websites. Insurance companies’ websites need to have the following qualities:

  •       Fast page load times
  •       Intuitive site mapping
  •       Informative content
  •       A clear statement about mission and values

Strong Social Media Presence

Connecting with prospective clients on social media is a core element of insurance agency marketing. Giving people the chance to learn more about a company on the social media sites and apps that they’re most comfortable makes insurance agencies seem more accessible and reputable.

Working with a marketing company that specializes in serving clients in the insurance industry gives agencies a strong competitive edge. They’re able to enhance their presence on a variety of different platforms, continually win over more leads, and convert leads into clients.