Keeping the Tractor Wheels Turning

H&A Inc

Even though the country has moved past a totally agrarian society, the backbone of our food supply is still the farmers and ranchers. Working the land requires expensive equipment, and to prepare for the unexpected is to invest in agricultural machinery insurance. As H&A Inc. can testify, machinery and equipment that aren’t running lose a farmer precious time and money and create a gap in the supply stage.

The Changes of Time

Over time, the machines and equipment needed to successfully meet production demands have changed in scope and expense. Moving beyond tractors, farms and ranches have grown to include things like combines, underground wells, irrigation systems, and fertilizer spreaders. When these items are not working at full capacity, it can create costly problems.
Repairing or replacing agricultural machinery can be expensive, but a machinery insurance plan can help with these costs. These plans are designed to:

Provide funds for repair
Protect from financial loss to due to downtown
Protect from lawsuits where property damage has occurred

Depending on the extent of your coverage, a replacement for irrigation systems can also be included in the plan. Repair coverage is often limited to events involving lightning, fire, smoke, hail, collision, or theft and vandalism.

Avoid Setbacks

Working with these machines or with other equipment can open you up to financial liability if damage happens, injury occurs, or the system shuts down. With an insurance plan that addresses the scope of your operations, you can keep the farm going even in the midst of equipment obstacles.