Is Your Ship Repair Business Adequately Covered?


When you’re in the business of repairing ships or boats and getting them seaworthy again, your customers are counting on you to take care of one of their most important pieces of property. However, it’s critical that you take care of your business as well, and that means investing in comprehensive ship repairers liability coverage.

How Does Ship Repairers Liability Protect You?

When you’re in the business of handling, repairing, or safeguarding other people’s property, you need to make sure your business’s insurance policy properly covers all the bases. As detailed by Merrimac, a ship repairer will naturally have very industry-specific concerns such as:

  • Potential property damage to any of the seagoing vessels in your care.
  • Legal costs are related to any potential litigation for negligence or liability.
  • Any injury, harm, or death that may come to a third party as connected to any vessel or job associated with your business.
  • Any potential issues related to work performed offsite.

Securing the Right Policy

Good ship repairers insurance doesn’t just cover all the bases in regards to the unique industry you’re in. It’s also customized with every detail of your unique business’s needs in mind. Make sure you approach an insurance agency with dedicated experience in ship repairers insurance to ensure the best possible results. You’ve worked hard to make your business successful, and you deserve complete peace of mind.