How to Protect Your Business in the Water Treatment Industry

Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment facilities have to account for risks that other businesses may not have. Even within the water treatment industry, there are specific risks. Customized insurance policies can help protect a business from loss.

Risks in the Water Treatment Industry

Unlike many other industries, the water treatment industry often deals with hazardous materials. Those in the industry deserve insurance options that are not too high-priced. Risks may include:

  • First-party pollution
  • Bacteria such as mold, lead, radon and legionella
  • Chemical transportation
  • Chemical blending

Often, standard carriers will deny a water treatment plant or other businesses within the industry. A lot of insurance carriers do not understand the unique risks of these companies. However, water treatment industry specialists have policies designed for the types of services, products and operations that the companies supply.

Insurance Options for the Water Treatment Industry

The risks that water treatment facilities face include:

  • Accidents
  • Contamination
  • Incorrect tests
  • Spills

Without custom liability and property policies, it can be impossible to protect the company. Water treatment companies may require wastewater treatment insurance, groundwater protection, water filtration and septic servicing.

The water and water treatment industry have unique and specific risks. When choosing insurance policies, it makes sense to work with an insurance underwriter who knows the concerns and exposures of those who work within the water industry.