How the Shipping Industry Aims to Reduce Emissions


Recent years have seen consumers place a lot of pressure on businesses in regard to environmental responsibility. Since large corporations are predominantly responsible for the destruction and corruption of resources, it makes sense that these organizations would take action before further financial and legal complications arise. The shipping industry is one that is aiming to push ahead with new regulations and goals meant to reduce and eliminate emissions from vessels and vehicles that transport cargo across large distances.

New Regulations for Emissions

As reported by a number of major outlets, the zero emission shipping decisions have been made to help cut down on the pollution caused by various vessels while near ports or at sea. Specific pollutants have been targeted through the regulations. Sulfur, for example, needs to be significantly removed from what a ship releases before it can come anywhere near the coasts of the United States. Of course, this doesn’t mean the ship can just dump excessive chemicals into the ocean before reaching shore. Finer points to consider related to these policies include:

  • Fines and legal consequences for failure to comply
  • Marine pollution liability coverage
  • Guidance for avoiding disciplinary actions

Focus on Trending News

To combat the damage done to the planet and encourage a healthy planet for all, organizations everywhere are changing the way business is conducted. Stay abreast of the latest changes in your industry in order to remain mindful of any important regulations or trending news.