Find the Right Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy

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Running your own trucking business requires a lot of know-how. To keep your business protected at all times, it is important to take a look at your options for insurance. There are a lot of factors to think over before you make your decision. If you find yourself wondering what insurance do commercial trucking companies need, consider this information.


According to the experts at, the first area of coverage to focus on is general liability. This covers third-party property damage and bodily harm and is the most standard form of coverage available. Primary liability insurance is also important to consider. Additional options to look into include:

Physical damage coverage
Cargo coverage
Bobtail insurance

Regulations and Laws

Depending on the type of cargo your company transports, you may be required by federal or state law to take out specific policies. Do your research to know exactly what regulations apply to your company before you select your plan and avoid suffering any legal or financial penalties from improper coverage.
There are many considerations to take when you are looking to insure your commercial trucking business. You want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to weigh out all of your options. This will help you discover a form of coverage that protects your business and helps it see success.