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SB One Insurance

Is a Stand-Alone Course of Construction Policy Worth the Investment?

The course of Construction policies are designed to protect a construction project above and beyond the coverage of general liability insurance. Two options exist for COC insurance. The choice between a COC extension to general liability insurance or a stand-alone policy has implications for the risks to a contractor during the course of construction. Benefits ….  Read More

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Library Risk Management

Keeping Your Library Safe From Risks

All types of libraries are prone to risks. From the electrical faults to natural calamities, anything can happen and interfere with normal library operations. For this reason, libraries should have a reliable risk management plan for how to avoid or handle the risks when they happen. Library insurance is an important aspect of risk management. ….  Read More

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American Team Managers

4 Ways to Keep Truck Drivers and Cargo Safe from Theft

There are many risks associated with interstate cargo transport both for the cargo and the driver. Keeping both safe requires a little pre-planning. These four things can help deter theft en route. Reasonable Goals The experts at American Team Managers state reasonable goals for drivers can help keep cargo safe during transit. Reasonable goals include ….  Read More

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insure my workcomp

Who Needs Occupations Accident Insurance?

Occupational accident insurance (OAI) is a type of policy that provides benefits and coverage to employees that have been hurt or have died in a job-related accident. Additionally, this policy is also suited to offer benefits and coverage for independent contractors and employees alike, who may not be covered under a traditional worker’s compensation policy. ….  Read More

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Crowd Management

What to Remember When Planning a Concert

Whether you’re putting on the next Woodstock or the next Waynestock, managing a musical event is no small feat. You need to think of everything when you’re putting together a concert — it can save your bacon down the line! Crowd Control It can get insane in the heat of the moment when the main ….  Read More

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Professional Liability for Architects

Architects and engineers design buildings and structures for both residential and commercial uses, bringing them exposure to liability claims from vendors, clients, and their own employees. Although liability insurance is a great form of protection from the financial loss incurred when an allegation or suit is brought against you, you need to make sure your ….  Read More

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Mariners Insurance

Keeping Your Boat Protected: Why It’s Important

If you have a boat, it is important to treat it with the same precautions you would as a house. Learn more about why your boat needs its own level of protection in case of accidents, and why the average cost of boat insurance can vary.   Boat Insurance Protects Those Who Drive It   ….  Read More

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byrnes agency

Keeping Your Mobile Home Protected

Living in a mobile home can offer you a sense of community and simplicity that you don’t find in a regular home. However, it’s important to recognize that there are a number of risks that come with living in a mobile home. With the right coverage, you can stay safe in your living space and ….  Read More

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Moody Insurance

Coverage for the Biotech Industry

Certain industries can pose unique risks. When you work in a field related to biotech and life sciences, for example, you may be putting yourself in contact with hazardous chemicals and complex equipment at all times. To guarantee your safety, it is important to understand your options with bio insurance. The right policy can make ….  Read More

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Insure My Work Comp

Streamlining the Cost of Workers Comp

Workers comp can be a headache of an expense if you’re paying an annual policy premium in one lump sum. Even spaced across quarterly payments, you have to contend with large cash payments out, and that can be disruptive. You also have to worry about buying too much coverage and hurting your own bottom line. ….  Read More

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