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Self-Insured Retention, or SIR

How Self-Insuring Your Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Business

In the modern business world, benefits are everything. Since health insurance is predominantly offered through jobs in nations like America, it falls on the employer to provide the best possible options to employees. Of course, it can also be financially taxing. To see success, you need to consider your options and determine how to provide ….  Read More

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HILB Group

How Contractors Can Protect Themselves

Working as a contractor can often be a path fraught with unknown elements and dangers. Since you are an independent worker, you might feel like you don’t know how to go about protecting yourself in the event something goes wrong on a job. The most sensible thing to do is cover all of your bases ….  Read More

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E&O Insurance

Mortgage Concerns for Lenders

In the world of insurance, errors and omissions policies are designed to protect the holder from losses that arise over claims of poor business performance or negligence in duties. These policies are abbreviated E&O for short and can be stand-alone policies, such as professional E&O or malpractice plans, or the coverage can be included as ….  Read More

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