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Self-Insured Retention, or SIR

How Self-Insuring Your Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Business

In the modern business world, benefits are everything. Since health insurance is predominantly offered through jobs in nations like America, it falls on the employer to provide the best possible options to employees. Of course, it can also be financially taxing. To see success, you need to consider your options and determine how to provide ….  Read More

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Alternative Insurance

Alternative Coverage Opportunities

Purchasing an insurance plan is a way to protect your company from the risks and exposures your operations present. Plans are often able to provide financial resources that address claims or lawsuits against a company whether they concern employee injury, vehicle accidents, equipment malfunction, or contract errors. However, there are some companies that may not ….  Read More

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Library Risk Management

Keeping Your Library Safe From Risks

All types of libraries are prone to risks. From the electrical faults to natural calamities, anything can happen and interfere with normal library operations. For this reason, libraries should have a reliable risk management plan for how to avoid or handle the risks when they happen. Library insurance is an important aspect of risk management. ….  Read More

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Professional Liability for Architects

Architects and engineers design buildings and structures for both residential and commercial uses, bringing them exposure to liability claims from vendors, clients, and their own employees. Although liability insurance is a great form of protection from the financial loss incurred when an allegation or suit is brought against you, you need to make sure your ….  Read More

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Insure My Work Comp

Streamlining the Cost of Workers Comp

Workers comp can be a headache of an expense if you’re paying an annual policy premium in one lump sum. Even spaced across quarterly payments, you have to contend with large cash payments out, and that can be disruptive. You also have to worry about buying too much coverage and hurting your own bottom line. ….  Read More

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Three Basic Insurance Policies For New Businesses

Are you in the process of finding the business insurance in Babylon NY? Even with all the coverage options available to you, there are a few important ones that you should make a priority to include in your new policy. Liability Insurance The overall mission of liability insurance is to protect your company against lawsuits ….  Read More

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