Attracting Tourists to Your Bar

Axis Insurance

Running a bar is an adventure every day. You have your regulars, your irregulars and your random out-of-towners looking for a new spot to mark off their bucket list. Make each visit extraordinary by turning your business into the ultimate tourist spot. You’re already covered by a reputable insurance agency like Axis Insurance, so you know that you’re good to go!

Knowledge is Power

It’s always disappointing when you ask a local bartender or waiter a question about the area and they’re clueless. Make sure that you and your staff are well-versed in all things related to your town: The best cup of coffee (so important!), what restaurants you will get food poisoning from and what local attractions are worth seeing. This will score points with tourists and a good experience means they are more likely to return!

Signature Food and Drinks

People travel to experience all things local, so immerse your bar in the area’s culture. Offer homegrown varieties of foods and give fun names to your drinks. If you’re located on the Seattle waterfront, salmon and seafood might be a specialty appetizer while your signature cocktail might be called something like the Hawk’s Serum. Be creative!

It might take a little work for your bar to be known as a tourist hub, but give it time. Small changes here and there will make a difference down the road.