4 Ways to Keep Truck Drivers and Cargo Safe from Theft

American Team Managers

There are many risks associated with interstate cargo transport both for the cargo and the driver. Keeping both safe requires a little pre-planning. These four things can help deter theft en route.

Reasonable Goals

The experts at American Team Managers state reasonable goals for drivers can help keep cargo safe during transit. Reasonable goals include how the cargo is loaded, driving routes for drivers and incorporating rest times in safe areas.

Employee Screening

While you want to keep the cargo moving forward, you also want to make sure the drivers are not complicit with thefts that occur. Employees are your first defense against theft. Screen each new employee thoroughly to help deter criminal activity within your ranks.

Security Culture

By implementing a security culture within the company, you deter theft. Train and educate drivers on hijack signals. They should understand how to handle them and ways to deter a hijack from the start.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements can help you track both trucks and cargo. Not only can your business use these tools to better coordinate shipments, but it can help the business keep on top of trucks. Should a hijack occur, help can arrive much faster.

Implement these four tips to prevent theft of your interstate cargo transport. These tips help reduce liabilities and keep drivers and cargo safe.