4 Tips To Lower Your EMR Rating

EMR workers comp

Workers compensation policies are required for businesses across the nation to protect the employees. The EMR workers comp rating helps the insurer measure and evaluate your business’ risks. The lower the rating, the better the premium cost your company can expect. Here are some tips to help lower your EMR rating.

Establish Accountability

Establish who is accountable for different areas and have them communicate with each other. Uncovering the risks within the company allows the leaders to create an effective plan to reduce claims and thereby lower the cost of insurance.

Safety Program

Create a safety program that addresses the risks uncovered during the analysis of the business. The safety program should have steps that are easy to follow and have a plan of enforcement.

Document Everything

When the auditor arrives to evaluate the workers comp policy, hand them documentation of all the steps and policies implement. That documentation can help the auditor assess the risk management better and potentially lower your rates.

Implement Proactively

Taking a proactive approach to worker’s safety can lower your risk of claims. Implement a safety policy that addresses the company’s risks to lower those risks.

Monitoring the EMR workers comp can save your corporation money and help you reduce risks. A healthy, safe workforce is better for the employees and the bottom line.