3 Types of Insurance Coverage for Tow Truck Services

Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck operators and owners provide an important service when they remove broken down or damaged vehicles from dangerous places. This important task requires great care and precision, as there is a chance the truck or the client’s vehicle can get damaged. Tow truck insurance can account for most of these risks, protecting the customer, the employees, and the business owner.

Auto Liability Insurance

Tow truck liability insurance is the most basic coverage an interested party can find. This plan covers all the basic responsibilities a towing company has for any property damage or injury caused by the driver’s use of the vehicle. It is universally required among insurance programs and provides broad protection.

On-Hook Towing Insurance

The practice of towing itself involves carefully moving vehicles to other locations, something that can result in further damage to the towed vehicle. This specific insurance plan can pay off any resulting damage from this practice, sparing the company from paying the damage itself and spending too much money.

Gatekeepers’ Liability Insurance

Not only do tow truck services transport the vehicle to safety, but they also temporarily handle its storage. Several insurance companies cover damage done to the vehicle while it is stored for the owners. Source: www.byrnesagency.com

Towing companies are important in maintaining the safety of both people and vehicles after vehicular incidents. Tow truck insurance plans allow them to continue this service under financial protection.