Month: July 2019

starr indemnity & liability company

Types of Marine Risk Coverage

In the international trade industry, the sea is one of the keys to success. While technology makes trade and travel easier, it also brings new risks to the cargo industry. When it comes to the marine industry, the right products are crucial to a successful business that won’t sink when something happens. Companies like Starr ….  Read More

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ascendant insurance

Working To Unravel Workers’ Compensation Woes

If you are a small business owner, you probably know the woes of workers’ compensation. For the underwriters like Ascendant Insurance, the NCCI codes, modifiers, and premium set audits are part of the work-week lexicon. Amid all the confusion, some business owners feel helpless, others grateful, and still other businessmen worry about what coverage they ….  Read More

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professional insurance brokers

Working With an Insurance Brokers

Young adults are individuals who are finally coming to developing a real identity and are ready to take the world by storm. They are beginning to purchase vehicles, medical insurance, and other big purchases for the first time. If you still log in to Facebook, you have likely seen a young adult pose proudly in ….  Read More

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staffing insurance programs

Understanding Insurance for Staffing Programs

At the time of this writing, the economy is performing excellently in terms of the low unemployment rate. There are more positions available than people looking for work, and this puts staffing programs and recruitment agencies in peculiar situations. While it is interesting to say, these businesses perform better when the unemployment rate is higher ….  Read More

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absolute liability insurance

Understanding Absolute Liability

Insurance has saved many people from extenuating circumstances and often c to a reasonable amount for concerned parties. However, there are instances where you or an associated party are considered liable, and there is little that can be done if you are not insured. The field of medicine experiences these types of claims quite readily ….  Read More

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Axis Insurance

Attracting Tourists to Your Bar

Running a bar is an adventure every day. You have your regulars, your irregulars and your random out-of-towners looking for a new spot to mark off their bucket list. Make each visit extraordinary by turning your business into the ultimate tourist spot. You’re already covered by a reputable insurance agency like Axis Insurance, so you ….  Read More

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fabricare dry cleaners

The Liability Risks for Dry Cleaners

Some clothing requires special services for cleaning, making very specific techniques an important necessity that can’t be done by just anyone due to the precision needed. While this makes fabricare dry cleaners a successful business, the liabilities involved can cause some financial loss if an accident happens. While training and caution are vital and can ….  Read More

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