Month: March 2019

group office professional

Common Liabilities Facing Family Offices

Families with vast wealth often have a family office for legal, financial, administrative and philanthropic operations. These group office professional situations come with their own set of liabilities and risk factors. Employment Practices There are many federal laws and statutes affecting the way employees are treated in the US. Private companies must follow the same ….  Read More

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Palisades insurance claims

Helpful Tips to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

Most mortgage companies require you to carry homeowners insurance. Lowering the number of Palisades insurance claims filed is one way to lower your insurance premium. Here are some other ways to lower your rates. Policy Bundling One easy way to lower the cost of your insurance is to bundle insurance policies together. A popular option ….  Read More

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equipment floater insurance

Why Equipment Floater Insurance May Be Right for Your Business

There’s no question virtually all businesses need insurance in one form or another. In a highly litigious society, the risks of not having insurance can be extremely damaging to a company’s reputation and finances. Because of this, needing business insurance is often a given. However, what many people do not realize is that the insurance ….  Read More

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IFS Insurance

Insurance for Business and Personal Ventures

Insurance plans offer a means to keep your belongings safe from unexpected harm. IFS Insurance provides commercial and personal coverage so you can protect all your assets, including your business and family. Commercial Insurance Each business has specific goals and a unique vision, and therefore requires insurance to match their needs. Finding a policy that ….  Read More

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EMR workers comp

4 Tips To Lower Your EMR Rating

Workers compensation policies are required for businesses across the nation to protect the employees. The EMR workers comp rating helps the insurer measure and evaluate your business’ risks. The lower the rating, the better the premium cost your company can expect. Here are some tips to help lower your EMR rating. Establish Accountability Establish who ….  Read More

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