Single Parent Captive Insurance

Benefits of Single Parent Captive Insurance

Captive insurance has gained popularity since its first use in the 1950s, and today many types of businesses use it as a cost-effective way to manage their complex risks. A single parent captive is one type of insurance strategy, and using it can have many benefits. Types of Captive Insurance When a parent company establishes ….  Read More

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Employee Turnover

High Employee Turnover in Assisted Living Facilities

High staffing turnover can be a significant problem for many assisted living facilities. ALFs should evaluate their turnover rates and what they can do to better retain their workforce. The Effects of Turnover on Workplace Efficiency Staffing turnover in ALFs can be challenging for managers to cope with. Having vacant positions may entail assigning additional ….  Read More

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Builders Risk Insurance

What Is Homeowners’ Builders Risk Insurance?

As someone who works in the construction industry, you’re probably aware of the different insurance policies that you have to have for protection. There are two main policies that you need when working in the construction industry. These two policies include builders risk and general liability. If you are a homeowner who is building your ….  Read More

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Construction Hazards

Preventing Construction Hazards on Jobsites

Even when construction Jobsites have very well-trained and highly experienced crew members working, they will always contend with some risk of an accident. Project managers, foreman, and individual workers need to take active members to prevent accidents. Compliance With Regulations Every facet of how a project is carried out must comply with all applicable local ….  Read More

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Self-Insured Retention, or SIR

How Self-Insuring Your Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Business

In the modern business world, benefits are everything. Since health insurance is predominantly offered through jobs in nations like America, it falls on the employer to provide the best possible options to employees. Of course, it can also be financially taxing. To see success, you need to consider your options and determine how to provide ….  Read More

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