Water Treatment Industry

How to Protect Your Business in the Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment facilities have to account for risks that other businesses may not have. Even within the water treatment industry, there are specific risks. Customized insurance policies can help protect a business from loss. Risks in the Water Treatment Industry Unlike many other industries, the water treatment industry often deals with hazardous materials. Those in ….  Read More

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Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage for Local and State Officials

It’s not often talked about in everyday political discussions, but public officials carry a lot of liability for the decisions they make, and that liability is shared by the government bodies that appoint or elect them. Unlike government employees, officials are not only working, they’re also filling a political role, and that changes the kinds ….  Read More

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Barnacles From a Boat

Is There an Easy Way To Remove Barnacles From a Boat?

Barnacles are living marine creatures, crustaceans closely related to shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. They are fascinating animals that eat with specialized appendages and secrete a sticky substance that quickly hardens into cement. This stuff is a powerful adhesive, with a strength of between 22 and 60 pounds per square inch. It’s the strongest natural glue ….  Read More

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Ex Mod Insurance

What Is Ex Mod Insurance?

Insurance agencies use many methods to assess the risks associated with your business. An experience modification calculation compares your workers’ compensation claims or losses with other companies in your industry. Agents then apply the resulting percentage to determine the monthly premium for your ex mod insurance. How Does an Ex Mod Work? This way of determining ….  Read More

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Builders Risk Insurance

How Builders Risk Insurance Protects Your Business

While there’s an inherent risk in the operations of every business, the construction business is one that is full of risks that must be adequately addressed in your insurance plan. Work zones are often full of hazards that pose risks to workers and site visitors. Workers’ compensation and general liability coverages address injuries and damages ….  Read More

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Commercial Crime Insurance

Why Commercial Crime Insurance Matters

Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to protect their assets. While a good portion of planning revolves around external theft, there are countless scenarios where the culprits are people closely associated with the company. When members of your team are stealing from you, for example, it can lead to a disastrous ….  Read More

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DO and Professional Liability Coverage

The Differences Between DO and Professional Liability Coverage

Taking out the most appropriate insurance plan for your business is key to your long-term success. Of course, most of the decisions you will be faced with when selecting coverage will not be so easy to handle. There are countless risks facing your business and plenty of circumstances where legal matters can get out of ….  Read More

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Auto Mechanics

Liabilities Unique to Auto Mechanics

Mechanics and automotive companies provide a valuable service to the public. While they ensure that vehicles are operating correctly and they reduce the potential for vehicle breakdowns, these individuals or companies face serious liabilities for the work they do. In many states, there are consumer protection laws in place that hold mechanics liable for a ….  Read More

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